3 People that Should Always Come Dress Shopping with You

The guest list to your wedding dress shopping event should be carefully hand selected. Instead of inviting everyone in the wedding party, you are better off handpicking only your must haves. In this case, the more the… scarier. Too many people means too many opinions tangling your precious moment into a messy web of drama. Regardless of how many people you chose to invite, here are three must haves:

1.    The Maid of Honor: Your maid of honor is usually your closest number one go to gal. This is someone who is familiar with your taste and can most likely recite your romantic vision from beginning to end. She knows what the venue will be like, what makes you tick and what you absolutely cannot live without. Take her as your sidekick to help you navigate your way through the jungle of dresses in pursuit of the hidden treasure.

2.    The Style Icon: This is the friend you have who has a similar style and a positive attitude. You may identify this person as the one who you find yourself randomly stalking her Instagram and her closet to see which of her looks you wish to emulate or borrow. Bring along that bridesmaid who shared clothes with you back in high school, or who’s taste is very close to yours. She will be able to keep you on track and help you seek out the better options for you on the rack.

3.    The Mom Figure: Lastly, you will want to bring along someone motherly, who can guide you into a decision you will not regret. Now, I can’t say bring your mother, due to the crazy spectrum of mother-daughter relationships that exist. And please note, if you are one of the mother-daughter relationships on the crazy train, you are not alone. However, every girl has that one mature lady whom she seeks wisdom and support from. This is a key figure to have present during your gown shopping, for she will speak sense into your mind and keep you within your budget.

And in the end, if anyone feels left out you have the choice, at most boutiques, to have a showing for your entire bridesmaids party. This can be a time for you to invite all of the ladies involved in your wedding, and give them a first look of your Cinderella moment after the chaos of finding your gown.