5 Ways to Make Wedding Gown Shopping Fun!

Wedding Gown shopping can be a girl’s cherished dream that instantly turns into a grueling nightmare. This is supposed to be a day about you, the bride, where you dazzle at the exquisite options only to catch eyes with “the one”. Choosing the dress shouldn’t be about anyone but YOU. This is your moment to be completely selfish and devour the tastefully crafted gowns that lie before you. So here are some tips to make this day even more special and fun.


1.     AVOID NEGATIVITY: We all have a few “Debbie Downers” laying around in our lives. While they may be fun to take to the bar, or to listen to them commentating on the girls from the Bachelor, they will not be fun when they are chiming in their negative tunes while you try on gowns. You’ll find yourself feeling off beat while you work your way around their negativity. You need to bring with you, the girls that have your back and will lead you sweetly to the perfect fit.

2.     BRING ON THE CHAMPS: Pop open the event, celebrate this moment and celebrate you! You are a soon to be bride on a mission to find the dress that completes your vision, so why not revel in this moment? Call ahead of time to ask if the boutique you are going to offers bubbly. Its always nice to feel glamorous and important when trying on an expensive gown for the biggest day of your life. If the boutique doesn’t offer champagne, ask them what types of special treats they allow you to bring. Or go out for happy hour afterwards.

3.     SET THE MOOD: Have you ever been driving and you hear “that” song that makes you feel like a million bucks? It’s the song that plays in your head while you are motivated and empowered. Create a playlist to take to your fitting with those kinds of songs in them. This will lift your spirits and keep you pumped up throughout the day.  

4.     MIND & BODY PEACE: Spend time pampering yourself the night before. You want to love on your body and soul before you put yourself in a variety of dresses, only to be analyzed by your toughest critique…you. Find a balance of internal and external peace with yourself. When you have to stare at your body in a variety of different fits for an hour, it is important you go in feeling beautiful and content as you are. Maybe a sensual candlelit bubble bath, a massage or a hot yoga session the night before to pregame.  

5.     MAKE IT A PARTY: Afterwards, you may find yourself a little frazzled at the chaos gown shopping brings. Give yourself some time to wind down with your favorite ladies. Make a dinner reservation at the hottest restaurant in town, or go all out and have a weekend getaway with the girls. The GNO doesn’t need to be saved for just the bachelorette party!

So get out there, grab your guests and embark on the gown-shopping extravaganza. And most importantly, don’t forget… have fun!

XO, Haley Jonswold